Awaiting Bliss novella from Elle Henry

Awaiting Bliss new novella from Elle Henry
“Huh?” My mind spins chocolate God has been eyeing me and little does he know I am the one who is tongue tied at his very presence. I give myself a minute to drink him in. He must be in his mid-thirties, tall and very muscular. Sweat dripping down his chocolate brown skin, baldhead, as his t-shirt sticks to his chiseled body. Long tone legs that have my imagination running all sorts of dirty images through brain. Lord thank you for giving me this distraction named Jackson.-Allison Jacobs, Awaiting Bliss

Allison Jacobs, twenty something newly single career driven woman, is in search of her true purpose in life. Lonely and desolate after a failed romance she thought would secure marriage. Allison takes on the Washington, D.C. dating scene in search of that unexpected happiness. She runs into a tall dark stranger Jackson Alexander, who rescues her at a very embarrassing moment. On her quest for self-discovery, she realizes the true meaning of love, life and friendships.

Awaiting bliss is a contemporary romance novel, by Elle henry. This is story about finding your happiness within yourself and your surroundings.

Available October 3rd, pre-sale now via Amazon and Smashwords.
Stay tuned for more updates, the cover reveal will be available in September.
Thanks for the support!

Always candid and gracious,


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