What is love?

I can love you
in a millions ways
And still not love you
in the manner you desire.

I can wish for our happily ever after
For that everlasting love
The love people dream of
The one writers write of–
Like the ones in the movies

And still never watch our love bloom to fruition

I can join you
at the pearly gates of heaven
Standing by your side
finally as your equal
Only to leave my heart lying alone in shallow earths valley.

Walking through those gates alone
Because you couldn’t love me enough in the before or hereafter…

Yet, I was tired of loving enough for the both of us…

Love isn’t a compromise
Love is transparency
no matter how you view it,
Sometime we love so hard
we fail to see.
Sometimes we fail to love enough
and it just dissipates away…

© 2016 Elle Henry


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